Did you miss? We again go to jump on trampolines and dive into a pit with foam rubber. Master class from Max is guaranteed to all!
Trampolines — an integral part of entertaiment Park: climbing on the climbing wall and rope town, it's nice to go down closer to the ground and jump. But jumping is not only good relaxing and entertaining, this sport is good for your health. While jumping on a trampoline you:
-improve the coordination;
-develop stamina and flexibility;
-increase the production of endorphins — hormones of happiness!
And gymnastics on the trampoline — it is very beautiful.
We're meeting at 11:30 in Entry of the metro Vyborgskaya.
The price of the event is 400 RUB and it includes:
- 3 jumping hours
- great mood.

WHAT: Bamp Club
WHEN: June 3rd, 11:30
WHERE: Metro station Vyborgskaya
WHY: It is a good opportunity to be in flight
03/06/2017 - 11:30
Bamp Club
Meeting Point: 
metro Viborgskaya exit (11:30)
400 RUB
What's included: 
  • 3 jumping hours
  • great mood :)
Contact details: 
Maks: +7(931) 2073515 FB: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008554355221
  • Everyone is invited.